Why Mary J. Blige’s Latest Musical Partnership Is A Good Look [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]


According to Headkrack, Mary J. Blige is back in the studio. MJB fans will remember her 12th studio album, The London Sessions that she dropped last year along with a documentary about its making. While the album was chock full of good stuff, it was full of club and dance hits, as well as some material that was a bit more stripped, raw and influenced by soul and blues.

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This time around, however, she is reportedly working with Kanye West, which means she’s coming back to the hip-hop side of things. Any 90s baby or MJB fan knows that some of Mary’s best work and hottest singles were of the hip-hop genre, so this is definitely good news. Click on the player above to see for more in this exclusive video edition of the Hip-Hop Spot.

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