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Apparently 50 Cent forgot that he wasn’t the headliner at #BirthdayBashATL and went way over his time.
Unfortunately we had to cut the show because of time constraints and full lineup…that’s when the “I’m The Man” rapper goes off in front of 18,000 people at Philips Arena!

“Y’all gone kick me off stage for a T.I. & Jeezy?” – 50 Cent

He then starts dissing our station Hot 107.9 (jokingly of course) throwing a fit:

“F*** that! I’m not leaving! I can’t have one minute? Take my music off your station, I don’t want your station no more, we got Youtube. It’s too late to hate, I’m rich as a mutha!”

Then he starts reminding us that while he is rich he filed for bankruptcy and would do it again:

“I will file bankruptcy because I need the discount…ask Donald Trump, he did it file times.”

50 did put on a great show though, and while we had to end his show time early, he made it quite entertaining!!

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