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'Power' Season 3 New York Premiere

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Power is back for a third season of secrets, lies and debauchery.


Episode one opens with James and Angela rolling out to a grand reopening of Truth. They’ve gone public with their relationship, James thinks he can really do this straight and narrow life thing, for real, for real, and it looks like Truth is actually thriving.

Tommy is still cupcaking with Holly and she is still as annoying as ever.


Tommy straps up and steps out and Holly wants to go with him, but he’d rather she stay home because she really just doesn’t need to be in his business (especially in the event that she gets picked up by the feds again). He’s back to his typical street ish, but apparently, there’s some trouble with his cartel connects. Ruiz arranged some kind of deal that got messed up (before Ruiz skipped town), and they don’t have any product to push due to Lobos’ unfortunate situation, so this is obviously a source of contention. Tommy immediately gets to work and starts lining up some new blood to do business with. Basically, he’s on his own since Ghost is out, but the question still remains, is he going to literally take Ghost out?

Meanwhile, Tasha is home with her kids and her son, Tariq, is sulking over losing Sean. Tasha is keeping mum about what happened, claiming the police never called her back, because she doesn’t really know what to say, but watching Tariq’s heartbreak over what was once his big brother figure (and almost stepdad) is hard.

Angela’s ex stalker bae, Greg, who is suspended, is still trying to convince his bosses that James is Ghost, he has been working with Lobos, and that Angela has been protecting him. At first, there weren’t any takers because they may not even move forward with the case if Lobos dies since he was stabbed in custody. However, y’all know Greg isn’t about to let this fly. Later on, Angela tries to get a transfer so that she can get off the Lobos case, but her boss spring it on her that they’ve decided to move forward with the case because Lobos didn’t die after all. So, Angela is stuck for now.


The feds decided to move forward with the Lobos case in secret, and the plan is to pretend that Lobos is dead. Lobos’ assets have been seized and as far as the trial is concerned he will be regarded as a John Doe. The feds also still think Jimenez sent the assassin to kill Lobos so they’re not on to Ghost just yet.

Speaking of, Ghost had the nerve to visit Tasha just to tell her that she should prepare the children to meet Angela, because it’s serious like that.


But Tasha brought up Sean—because you not just gonna come up in her house talking about your former side chick turned girlfriend without acknowledging the elephant in the room—and demanded to know of it was Ghost who killed him. Ghost revealed that it was Kanan who killed his own son. Ghost then revealed that he killed Kanan as well as Lobos…so he thinks.

Tasha caught up with Tommy to find out why he’s been acting so shady and whether Ghost was telling the truth about Sean. Tommy confirmed that Ghost was telling the truth, wished her well and bounced. Cold blooded.

Later on, Tommy gets a call from Lobos who let him know that he if wants more product and for his “little family” (Holly and the dog) to be safe then he better kill Ghost, which was discussed. He also has to pretend that Lobos is dead. It’s obvious that Tommy is reluctant, but he’s so power hungry that he might actually try to go there and he will definitely make some dumb moves along the way. Take the moment he and Julio shook some rivals down by pushing them off of a building. Tommy, before pushing the last dude off, took his mask off and we can assume that guy didn’t die because he was wrapped in bubble plastic (the first guy who was pushed over was also wrapped in bubble plastic, but Tommy shot him so he’s definitely dead). Julio freaked out because this was really a dumb move.

Julio later paid James a visit at Truth to tell him what happened. His theory was that Tommy would never have been so reckless if Ghost had been around, but Ghost isn’t with it and said that Tommy is in charge now. That’s when Julio revealed that Tommy is still getting supplied by Lobos, which was a shock to James, who sat there looking like Mr. Krabs:

Another thing that isn’t clear is what Angela’s motives are. On one hand, it’s obvious that she loves Ghost and wants off the case, but seeing Julio and Ghost talking at the club makes her suspicious. She doesn’t trust that Jamie is out of the game and we definitely don’t trust her. You can’t trust anyone on this show except for Tasha! But Angela did kind of redeem herself when she told James that Lobos is still alive and that they’re pretending that he’s dead for the sake of the trial. She also told Jamie that Lobos thinks Jimenez ordered the attack and that he’s safe, “so he’s safe.”

No one is safe.

The episode ends with Tommy discovering that his beloved Pit bull was murdered meaning that Lobos acts fast. Ghost and Angela are in bed pretending that everything is fine, but after Angela sauntered off to the bathroom naked, Ghost called Tommy and went straight to voicemail.

The moral of today’s episode is, James is failing miserably at putting Ghost to bed, but even he doesn’t know it yet. The game is calling him back and it’s only a matter of time before he’s in too deep again.


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