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Chicago Bulls v Boston Celtics

A few days after Derrick Rose was deposed in a rape lawsuit, he was traded to the New York Knicks without his new team ever hearing the victim’s side of the story, according to the woman’s lawyer.

The victim’s lawyer says the Chicago Bulls traded Rose because of the pending case.

My first reaction was maybe they’re hiding this from the Knicks and passed him off without giving full disclosures, but it seems to me like the Knicks should’ve done their own investigation,” lawyer Brandon Anand told the New York Daily News.

As it turns out, Phil Jackson, the president of the Knicks, was aware of the issue, saying, “We are aware of it. Investigation is a big word.”

“I think (the Knicks) should’ve conducted that big word (and called me),” Anand said Wednesday. “I think I would’ve shown them the documents that were public, that were fair game, and I think it all speaks for itself. (Rose’s) testimony certainly revealed a lot. Just showing them the evidence that’s already out, they would’ve gotten a very clear idea about what actually happened.”

The alleged rape occurred in August 2013, when the women, who dated Rose for nearly two years, claims Rose and two of his friends forced their way into her Southern California home and gang raped her after she’d been blacked out from drinking too much.

The woman, whose identity has not been revealed, spoke to the Associated Press in her first interview.

As soon as I woke up, I was dressed, I had my dress on from the previous night and I never go to sleep with what I’m wearing. I always prepare myself first to go to sleep. So I had the dress and it was up on my neck and I felt very wet and slippery. There was lubricant all over my bed and on my legs. Everything was tossed in my bed. There was a condom wrapper and a closed one not used,” she recounted.

The trial is set to begin on October 4, which is also Rose’s 28th birthday and marks the beginning of the NBA preseason.

SOURCE: Fox Sports | IMAGE CREDIT: Getty


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