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Apple - iOS 8

This week, Apple announced iOS 8, its latest operating system for the iPhone and iPad, during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. The new software is a follow-up to last year’s iOS 7 and will bring about major changes to the way you use your iPhone. Before it rolls out this fall, here are a few features we can’t wait to use.


-Reply to text messages and emails directly from the notification center, without leaving the screen you’re on.

-Double-click the home button to see not only recently-opened apps, but also people you recently contacted in a separate menu.

-Swipe right to mark an email as unread, or left to delete, flag, or move it to a folder.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.07.01 AM

Photos & Camera

-The Photo app will have more editing features so you can adjust things like contrast, brightness, shadows and exposure, in addition to more built-in filters and others from third-party apps.

-Create time-lapse videos with a new recording mode.

-iCloud Photo Library will save and sync your original high-resolution photos and videos to help save you space on your device (and give you more room for all of your selfies).

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.09.16 AM


-Record and send sound and video clips quickly, Snapchat-style.

-You can add or remove people from group message threads and mute notifications for them, as well. Or, just leave the conversation yourself altogether.

-Share your location with friends so they never have to ask, “Where are you?”

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-QuickType predicts your next word based on the way you text.

-It will also adjust its suggestions based on who you’re talking to–like your friends or your boss–so you can never blame autocorrect again.

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Family Sharing

-Share iTunes, iBooks and App Store purchases with up to six people in your family.

-Users can also share and contribute to family photo albums and calendars.

-Use Find My iPhone to track not just your lost devices, but your loved ones’ as well.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.23.43 AM

Health App

-Access all of your health and fitness data in one place for an overview of your current health.

-If you have any life-threatening illnesses or allergies, create an emergency card accessible from the lock screen.

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-Handsoff will let you “pick up where you left off” and allow you to seamlessly switch from your iPhone to your iMac or iPad to start and complete projects.

-Compose emails or messages on one device and finish it on another with Continuity.

-Answer phone calls on your iMac or iPad if they’re using the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone.

-Turn your iPhone into a personal hotspot for your computer.


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