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Air Jordan 10 Retro Double Nickel

March 18th 1995, the sports world rejoiced as one of the worlds most respected and iconic athletes Michael Jordan announced his return to the NBA. He wasn’t rocking the number 23 on his jersey though, instead it was the number 45. It also marked the first time he wore the Air Jordan 10 on a basketball court, and in these shoes he dropped a double nickel on Spike Lee’s beloved New York Knicks. This weekend you can own a part of NBA folklore when the Air Jordan 10 retro ‘Double Nickel’ hits shelves.

It was if MJ never left the game at all, he still possessed the killer instinct and the same will to crush Knicks fans hearts like he always did. It was poetry in motion watching MJ  lead a furious comeback against the Knicks, dissecting them like a skilled surgeon. What really added insult to injury is when he passed the ball to Bill Wennington for the punctuation mark slam dunk. Who saw that coming? If you said no one, you are absolutely correct. You drop on 55 on the Knicks easily and assist on the game winning play… BOSS!

It’s perfectly fitting that the Air Jordan 10 retro ‘Double Nickel’ makes it triumphant return March 28th, 2015. What this sneaker signifies in the legend of Michael Jordan is the reason it earns Fly Kicks of The Day honors. The good folks at Nike gives us an official detail look at Retro 10 ‘Double Nickel’. Hit the gallery below…

Images Via: Nike 

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