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Atlanta city workers are afraid for their jobs and staying silent in on going bribery investigation. If you have not kept up with the case folks are in hot water in what seems to be a cash for contracts scandal. This past week another contractor plead guilty in bribery probe and officials believe more will come forward but seeking the help of city workers to push that process along.

Lithonia contractor Charles P Richards Jr. plead to conspiracy to commit bribery and admitted to paying 185,000 in exchange for city contracts. Richards could face up to five years in jail and restitution fine to city tax payers of up to 250,000 in sentenced in April.

For more listen BELOW or check out–politics/second-contractor-pleads-guilty-atlanta-city-hall-bribery-probe/3rVLUXtpR5OTj7sNuvzBCJ/

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