Homeless man facing arson and property damage gets a new legal team   Basil Eleby, the homeless man facing arson and property damage charges for the I 85 collapse is getting help from four prominent attorneys Lawrence Zimmerman, Malawi Davis, Tiffany Roberts and R. Gary Spencer.     No criminal charges against a student […]

    I-85 bridge collapse causing traffic congestion     The I 85 construction completion is about 65 days away, but traffic will get worst before it improves.  Today is the first day Spring Breakers will be back on the road and drivers need a plan.  GDOT warns the commute will be 30-50% longer, GDOT […]

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta named Raphael W. Bostic as their first Black President. Bostic, 50, is a former housing policy official in the Obama Administration. He will now be the head of all 12 regional reserve banks, and only the fourth president to serve on its legislative committee, which raises and lowers interest […]

    The veterans career fair and job expo February 28 300 jobs are available at the Veterans Career  Fair and Job Expo tomorrow it will be at the Merle Manders Conference Center ( 111 Davis Rd. Stockbridge, GA 30281).  Several local and fortune 500 businesses are hiring and you can also get information on how […]

Atlanta city workers are afraid for their jobs and staying silent in on going bribery investigation. If you have not kept up with the case folks are in hot water in what seems to be a cash for contracts scandal. This past week another contractor plead guilty in bribery probe and officials believe more will […]

The video of the officer involved shooting of Deaundre Philips will be released Police will soon release the video of the fatal officer shooting of Deaundre Philips outside the police annex on Donald Lee Hallowell.  Chief Erika Shields has also identified the officer who fired the fatal shot as officer Yasin Adbulahad, according to police […]

Here’s your Atlanta local trending news. Give legal residents “noncitizen” driver’s licenses State representative Alan Powell wants to put “noncitizen” on Georgia driver’s licenses of people who are not U.S. citizens to make sure non-citizens are prevented from registering to vote or take advantage of other benefits reserved for U.S. citizens. Ongoing protest regarding the […]

  Robbery while pumping gas in Atlanta has continued to grow and now moving into the neighborhoods. For weeks now these robberies have mainly been a south Fulton gas station issue but cops are seeing more slider crimes in the community while residents are coming out of their homes. Slider crimes get the name from […]

Many of us have received credit or debit cards with additional security such as the the chip, but unfortunately it hasn’t helped much. Id theft has risen by 16% in the last year. When you go to check out while shopping at different retailers you may notice some stores have not switched over to the […]

(ATLANTA) — Local Channel 2 is reporting that a 2-year-old child is being held hostage inside a home in Gwinnett County. Negotiators along with the Gwinnett County SWAT team have surrounded the home and is trying to get a man they believe is armed with a gun to surrender the child. Officers say this stemmed from […]