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Most New York commuters are familiar with the many performers on the subway trains. Whether it be musicians or the acrobatic dancers, everyone endures the shows for better or for worse.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when a 40-year-old man was beaten by a group of four break dancers according to Daily News. The dancers, who were in their 20s, asked A train passengers to make room for their performance on Wednesday. When the victim refused, it escalated to an argument and the dancers allegedly punched the victim several times in the face before fleeing at the Euclid Ave. station.

Subway dancers have been known to elicit condemnation from authorities like former New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, despite a burgeoning culture among the youth. Many believe the acts to be dangerous considering the tight spaces of the train. The performances have even inspired signs against it, which you have probably spotted on various trains if you ride the subway.

Currently, there are no updates on whether the four assailants have been apprehended.

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