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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta opens with Stevie J and Joseline meeting up to drag out their baby drama. We all know by now that the baby is his, but later on in the episode we find out that Joseline managed to get ahold of some of Stevie’s dirty draws so that she can get the DNA test on her own because she doesn’t trust that Stevie will follow through. That’s going to be amusing to watch.


Jasmine, Kirk’s alleged side-babymama, meets up with her boo, Rod, the man everyone says is a scammer, to tell him about what happened with Kirk at Joseline’s masquerade party. Rod is annoyed that Jasmine let the cat out of the bag because they initially decided to keep her baby news private. It’s also important to note that Rod was in jail for scamming during the time that Jasmine got knocked up (but was still in a relationship with Jasmine during that time). They also both claim that Kirk had been giving her money here in there, and that the world will soon see Kirk for what he is. However, if Rod is a scammer, could this be…*loses signal.


Momma Dee is back and she’s doing well. Ernest has been booking her gigs, but she is still complaining about him being a deadbeat. Momma Dee’s newest problem is that Ernest pays too much attention to his mother and that his mom meddles in his business too much for her liking. What’s even more frustrating for Momma Dee is that Ernest’s mother plans to move back to Atlanta from Florida.  Somehow, the irony in this is lost on her, but not on us.


Karlie and Jasmine meet up because Karlie claims that she wants Jasmine’s side of the story and also to demand receipts. This scene is juxtaposed with Rod explaining the situation to Yung Joc. Karlie did mention that Rod is scammer, so you know what the implication is, but Jasmine shuts that down with proof. She pulled out some text messages and then some, while Rod, who said that Kirk would even bring Karter around, showed Joc a video. Hold that thought about what the video depicted because the thesis of this paper is that Kirk isn’t looking too good.


Momma Dee returns to provide brief comic relief of the night. She, Scrappy (minus Bambi, his fiancée whom he’s having relationship drama with again), Ernest and Ernest’s mom met up for dinner. Momma Dee said she called this dinner to remind Ernest’s mom that she’s still the queen. Ernest’s mom isn’t over-the-top, but she can hold her own against Momma Dee, and handled her well. However, no one was ready for Momma Dee to give Ernest a onesie and a pacifier before making her grand exit. Y’all know she had to do something nutty before this dinner was over.


Now we’re at the not-so-funny situation of the episode—starring Rasheeda. She met up with Karlie Redd, who give sher the scoop from her meeting with Jasmine. Basically, Jasmine revealed she has met Karter, has hung out with some of Kirk’s relatives, and that Kirk has a burner phone that Rasheeda doesn’t know about. Karlie also described video footage that she saw, which showed Kirk holding the baby and saying, “Say hi to daddy.” Rasheeda, who has been married to Kirk for 17 years, and gave him undeserved leniency after that cabin incident, broke down in tears. You’d have to be a sociopath to make a lie like that so of course Rasheeda believes it’s true.

The episode concludes with Rasheeda confronting Kirk. She remains miraculously calm as she explains the information she got from Karlie Redd, and the episode ends with Rasheeda wanting to know what’s really up. We’ll get Kirk’s answer next week, but you already know he’s going to lie and this won’t end well for him, especially when Rasheeda’s mom, Shirlene, gets ahold of this info.


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