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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta is all about the drama, as usual, as well as new cast member entries. It opens with Jessica Dime and Tommie on a double date. You know they’re supposed to be “friends” now. Dime’s date is a woman who used to date Fetty Wap. Yup, Dime loves the ladies. Tommie’s date is Yung Joc because she’s plotting revenge against Karlie Redd for sleeping with Scrapp. Dime is friends with Karlie so you’ve probably guessed where this is going by now.


Now we get to the new entries…

There’s Sierra, a salon owner, and Lovely Mimi, a nail tech with over a million Instagram followers—aka, the Vietnamese Cardi B. Basically, Sierra recently hired Mimi (she and her husband and kids are new in town), at her assistant Moriah’s request. The logic is that Mimi’s followers is good for business.  However, Sierra and Mimi don’t get along — also known as, this is great TV.


Karlie Redd pays Jasmine a visit to see Kirk’s alleged baby. And if you’re wondering why Karlie Redd is doing this and not Rasheeda, you’re not alone. Anyway, Jasmine is in the midst of moving out of her fancy high rise apartment because she said Kirk stopped giving her money and contacting her period since being outted. But didn’t she previously mention that Rod had been taking care of her since getting out of prison?


According to Karlie, the baby looks like Kirk and even has a dimple like him. The baby’s looks are actually debatable, though. He doesn’t firmly look like Kirk.


However, Karlie’s shady self took a selfie with the baby, so we’ll definitely get other opinions about that soon enough. And get this, Keanna pops up and spills even more tea about how Kirk smashed her too!


Karlie Redd, completely oblivious to what Tommie has going on, is happily working on creating a sex book, and Joc is one of the subjects in the book. They get together for a photoshoot, and Karlie tells Joc about her visit with Jasmine, and shows him a picture of the baby. The whole baby having a dimple on his chin jars Yung Joc’s memory and we have another bombshell revelation. Yung Joc reveals that he smashed Jasmine around the same time that Kirk did, but he was smart enough to use a condom.


He’s not out of the woods though. We do know that condoms can fail, and Joc is supposed to be Rod’s friend so at some point he’ll have to come clean, if he can get his story together. Check this out: When Karlie gets upset about this (she and Joc weren’t together when it happened, though), Joc tries to play the, “It may or may not have been that Jasmine” game.


Finally, we get to see Lovely Mimi and Sierra interact at the salon and it really just seems like Sierra is a hater. Here’s why: Tommie visited Mimi to get her nails done (and because they bonded with each other over their respective group home hopping, ratchet pasts) and they started having a kiki, which is what happens in Every Salon USA. However, Sierra felt like they were being too loud and informs them to tone it down. Mimi and Tommie think Sierra is too uptight and Mimi invites her out for some drinks. Sierra reluctantly agrees.

Later on, Moriah, Sierra, and Lovely Mimi go out after work to kick it and hopefully bond. It goes left immediately. Mimi is a naturally raucous person so she turns up immediately, but they are at a club or lounge so it’s not like she’s that out of place. Judgy Sierra is turned off by Mimi and lectures her again, but Mimi is over it so she quits (mind you, Mimi is actually from the DMV area and has a shop there, but she’s probably really only in ATL to tape this show). Sierra then starts talking smack to Moriah and tells Mimi that she “wannabe black” so bad and that’s when Mimi almost went upside her head until security stepped in.

Lovely Mimi is no Cardi B, but she is shaping up to be quite entertaining.

But the real question of the night, once again is, when is Rasheeda going to meet with Jasmine?


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