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Ant Walker

Source: Ant Walker / Radio One

Ant Walker, a Brooklyn Park, MN native, has had a tough childhood. At 12 years old she lost the vision in her left eye due to an illness called optic atrophy. Six years later, she lost the sight in her right eye, leaving her completely blind.

But Walker didn’t see her lack of eye sight as a disability, rather a way to inspire people all over the world, who suffer a similar fate as she has. With her new found willingness to inspire, Walker turned to rap music and writing lyrics to help ease the frustrations of her disability.

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The music completely changed her life. Music helped her detail the challenges in her life and how to overcome them. “After I lost my eyesight, I became more in-tune with music.” Walker said. “I’ve always been a writer, so it just kind of came to me.”

Walker wants to use her voice to motivate others with disabilities to find their true passions and pursue life like there are no obstacles or challenges in their way.

Walker has done shows in Atlanta, as well as other major U.S. cities.

“I want to show the world that we are all equal and just because you are diagnosed with a certain disability doesn’t mean that you still can’t accomplish your goals and dreams.”

Follow her on Twitter @YoungAnt1121


“I want to be the female Stevie Wonder of rap and be a positive face and role model for my visually impaired community.”