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So far season 4 of Power has done a great job stressing all of us out by underscoring the fact that things are really bad for Ghost and co. Now the Feds are snatching up all of Ghost and Tommy’s associates, including Keisha, Julio and Dre. The shake down is real, and everyone is wondering if (or when) someone is going to break and sing like Mariah. Trust is out the window, especially when we find out that Angela questioned Keisha and her angle was to antagonize Keisha to the point of saying something that could indicate that Tasha and Jamie weren’t living as husband and wife, which would mean a way for the feds to break spousal privilege. What’s not obvious is whether it worked or not. Everyone else seems pretty loyal and levelheaded.

Jamie’s case is so intense that Proctor calls in one of his associates, Terry Silver, as co-counsel because he has a high success rate with capital cases. Remember, Jamie could get the death penalty. The work now is about establishing an alibi, but that doesn’t look good either. Ghost tells him the truth about breaking into Knox’s apartment, but the lie is that he was looking for signs that Angela and Knox were back together (when he was actually looking for a recording that could incriminate Tommy). None of this is helpful, not even when Ghost remembers that he found the phone that’s being used to frame Knox. There’s just not enough evidence to back up the latter claim. Womp womp.


Proctor’s new mission is to get the DNA evidence thrown out somehow. Proctor, Silver and Ghost chat. Ghost keeps insisting that his DNA was planted then mentions that Angela knows that Knox pulled him over (but it wasn’t mentioned in the case), which could be useful. It’s also important to note that we later discover that Silver doesn’t trust Jamie and definitely thinks he’s guilty. That’s definitely not going to work, especially for someone who is paid to defend, not judge!


John gets ahold of one of Knox’s colleagues, Bailey, who is the private CI (and ex-Homeland Security Agent) who was working with Knox under the table. Bailey says he can prove that Knox wasn’t the mole, and that he thinks it’s Angela. He wants to help the Feds make the case against Jamie if they help paint Angela as the mole. Surprisingly, the feds won’t do this to Ang, and so, Bailey is out of the game, but he is still on mission to clear Knox’s name. He presents the fact that he has Tommy on tape confessing to killing Lobos with Ghost (which proves that Ghost isn’t Egan, but someone else) to the lead fed in the case. Bailey thinks Ghost killed Knox to protect Tommy. However, the problem is, the audio still doesn’t prove that Jamie is Ghost nor does it do much to support the shift in narrative that Bailey tries to introduce. The lead fed tells the judge about the wire tap but the judge shuts that down because the wiretap is illegal aka inadmissible.

Back in the bing, Tony, the inmate who has had eyes on Ghost since the wrist snapping incident,  makes his move and introduces himself to Jamie, but he calls him Ghost! Jamie plays dumb, but Tony has enough information on him and threatens to go to John with proof he’s Ghost. In short, Tony’s wife is dying of cancer and with him in prison, they need money for her treatment. Translation: This is extortion! Tony will keep his mouth shut if he gets $20,000 dropped of to a specific address a week, and Tommy has to be the one to do it. Jamie later asks Proctor to get the goods on Tony because this can’t fly.


Angela visits Ghost and tells him if he confesses to killing Greg, give them Tommy for Lobos then she’ll get his sentenced reduced. Jamie refuses to flip then Angela says they’ll break spousal privilege. James maintains that he’s being set up. Angela still claims she thinks he did it and urges him to take the deal to spare his wife and kids. This conversation is not productive and we all still live for the day that Angela gets dragged. Jamie is living his karma, but it’s def Angie’s turn. Meanwhile, Silver tells Ghost to just take the deal since they’re going to lose. Proctor, the ever loyal lawyer that he is, is not with it. He will find a way because he is the real MVP!


Tommy is still business as usual despite the fact that it’s not safe. He’s actually preparing to get a major drop of drugs. Dre urges him to shut down the drug operation in Truth at the very least, but that’s not happening. They really need that club money, especially with the extortion situation. 

The real losers in this are Ghost’s children.

Tariq is still hanging out with Kanan who has sucked him into his robbery schemes. Basically, Tariq is helping Kanan rob his rich friends by giving him penthouse codes and other fine security details as well as running distractions.

He’s a bad ass kid in everything lol

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Why hasn’t it crossed Tariq’s mind yet that there’s something wrong with the fact that this grown a– man is hanging out with him like they’re age-appropriate?


And now it’s time for our weekly remember that if it wasn’t for Ghost’s relationship with Angela, then…

You know the rest.

Anyway, Sandoval meets up with Bailey to tell him “something he couldn’t mention in front of John” that Knox told him his theory that Angela was the mole the night he died. Basically, trying to further cover himself.  Bailey repeats his theory that it’s not Knox and that he has inadmissible evidence. Sandoval wants to know what it is, of course, but Bailey says this isn’t the time or place to tell yet but that they can work together to try to exonerate Knox. Bailey opens up his laptop once Sandoval leaves, and the first thing we see is a file with Sandoval’s photo wide open.


In court, Proctor works hard to get the DNA dismissed due to misconduct. He plays city traffic camera footage that shows the traffic stop in question. And he enters cellphone records that show both phones were pinging at the location as proof that the traffic stop happened. Prosecution is in violation of the Brady Rule. Then Proctor backs the bus up over Angela, claiming she had knowledge of this stop but failed to mention it. She has no choice but to admit this, John jumps in and says that she did bring it to them (which she did, but they brushed her off, bloop) but they believe this info is false because Knox never logged the stop, the judge is looking like…


So now it looks like the feds are covering this up intentionally in an attempt to frame Ghost, which means the jury could be biased. Proctor then shoots his shot to have all of this dismissed but the judge still isn’t budging and the DNA evidence will stick. Later on, John puts Angela back on the case because he’s finally starting to realize that they actually do need her.

And Ghost literally needs a miracle. The episode concludes with a meeting between Ghost and  Silver, who does not trust Ghost and makes this very clear despite being on Ghost’s payroll. Like…wheretheydothatat?

Anyway, their conversation is very antagonistic and the major question is, who is Silver really working for, because he’s full of himself and needs reality check swiftly!


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