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Source: George Doyle / Getty

A community is saying goodbye to the man who drowned as a group of teens taunted him in his final moments of distress.

Jamel Dunn, a disable man, passed away on July 9 as he thrashed around in a Florida retention pond before he drowned. His death grabbed headlines after it was discoverd that a group of teens recorded his death for their entertainment. They could be heard laughing in video of Jamel trying to stay afloat, yelling that they would not help him.

Jamel’s body wasn’t found until July 14.

NBC Miami reports that the man’s loved ones gathered Saturday at Zion Orthodox Primitive Baptist Church. All the mourner’s wore red at the request of Jamel’s family. He was laid to rest in a red casket at Riverview Memorial Gardens.

State prosecutors are working to determine whether charges will be filed against the teens.


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