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What do you think about Eminem’s BET Awards Cypher Aimed at Trump? #ReecQOTD

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Has DOVE Soap Gone To Far? #ReecQOTD


Ladies, Are yall team beard gang or nah? #ReecQOTD

Male or Female should you do a background check before going on your first DATE?

WWYD if your Sons teacher kissed him? #ReecQOTD

Should Twitter SHUT DOWN Trumps Account? #ReecQOTD


What Do You Think About The Falcon’s NOT “Bending The Knee” – #ReecQOTD

What Do You Think About Trumps Statement to the NFL!


Would you wear off brand clothes in support black owned business?


Should We Join The NFL #Blackout for #ColinKaepernick

Should a woman, who is now a man be allowed to attend an all male college?


How do you feel about your job being threatened if you needed to stay home because of your small kids? #ReecQOTD.

What would you do if your kids teacher was naked on snapchat??? #ReecQOTD

Houston Landlords Demand Rent From Flood Victims? #ReecQOTD

Do you have the right to know how many “partners” your lover previously had? #ReecQotd


Would you attend a church that didn’t open up for flood victims? #ReecQOD #JoelOlsteen





Do men look thirsty taking pics with celebs? #ReecQOTD

What would you do if the “Supremacy Protesters” hit ATL? #ReecQOTD

Should we boycott the NFL if Colin Kaepernick Doesn’t get an offer? #ReecQOTD

Did This Woman Have a Real Reason To Talk About Her Time With Usher? #RecQOTD

What age should you have “The Talk” with your kids? #ReecQOTD

Would You Let Your Job Microchip You??? #ReecQOTD

Shaq’s Diss Record on Lavar Ball?? What Yall Think – #ReecQOTD

Should Teens Be Punished For Video Taping a Man Drown & not helping him??? #ReecQOTD

Atlanta’s murder rate higher than Chicago! How do we fix this??? #ReecQOTD

Three Things You WILL Find in a Black Kitchen??? #ReecQOTD

Would you let others discipline your child? #ReecQOTD

How Do You Feel After Watching Officer BEAT This Woman! #ReecQOTD – Video



Do Women REALLY Want To Be Treated Like a Lady? #ReecQOTD

If he buys you food is it considered cheating? #ReecQOTD

What’s the best type of property for a first time home buyer? #ReecQOTD

Should Nipples Be Out in Public? #ReecQOTD

Why Are We Afraid To Commit??? #ReecQOTD

IS OK to give an EX a shout out on Social Media for their Birthday?? #ReecQotd

The man that murdered Philando Castille was found not guilty. We need to hold the judges accountable. #ReecQOTD

Should You Tell on Your Parents if They Cheating??? #ReecQotd

What’s the best question to ask someone on a first date ??? #ReecQOTD

Amber Rose shows her Bush as a form of empowerment – Was it distasteful or did she make her point? #ReecQOTD

If Cleveland Gets Swept & They Add another “All Star” To The Roster to Win it Next Year – Should the NBA Make a Rule To Ban “Stacked Teams”??? #ReecQOTD


Should Bill Maher be punished for using The “N” word on his show??? #ReecQOTD

If you had a week to live what would you do with your time? #ReecQOTD

At What Age is it OK To Put Adult type clothing on children?

Would you be offended if someone asked you to take an at home HIV test before “taking the next step” in a relationship? #ReecQOTD

What concerns do you have dating men from single parent households?

Should you say thank you when someone takes you in a date??? #ReecQOTD from @jaunita Ramos

Can we officially stop taking pictures with things that don’t have anything to do with us? #ReecQOTD #seals

Why Can’t Women Let You Have “SOLO” Fun??? #ReecQOTD

Should You Get Her a Mother’s Day Gift if You Don’t Like Her Kids?

If you’re with Someone New, Should You Get Your Baby Moms a Mother’s Day Gift From You?

At what age should kids STOP sleeping in the bed with you? Asking for a friend 😐#ReecQOTD

Drafted or Jail – If Trump Send us To War What Would You Choose? #ReecQOTD

Can a women be in love and still cheat??? #ReecQOTD

Are Beards on Men The Same as Make Up on Ladies? Should We Give it up? #ReecQOTD

Should you stop posting “thirst traps” on social media if you get in a relationship? #ReecQOTD

If Your Wife / Husband Had a Side Baby – Should You Stay?

What Should You Do if Someone Shares Dangerous Thoughts??? #ReecQOTD  #PrayForCleveland

Question – Did You Ever Actually See Your Grandma Buy Those Hard Candies??? #ReecQOTD #Easter Edition

Should You Tell a Friend They Have a Drug Problem if You Know They Will Get in They Feelings? #ReecQOTD

Donald Trump makes more threats via Twitter…Question- Should politicians be allowed to say things in social media that could harm the entire country?? #ReecQOTD

Should Janet Jackson Be Awarded $500 Million in Divorce Settlement!?! #ReecQotd

If they make a TON of 💰 MONEY should they be able to cheat??? #ReecQOTD

Is it OK to date someone your best friend casually dated?

Should people stop showing off their “stuff” on the internet??? #ReecQOTD

Should Your Ex Pay You A Fee For Lost Time? #ReecQOTD

Should Women Pay Child Support? #ReecQOTD

Is it OK to Pressure Your Kids to “Greatness”



Is it ok to take your new “Bae” to your old “Bae’s”favorite spot!?! #Reec QOTD

Who You Wit?? Popeye’s – Churches – KFC – Who you picking! #ReecQOTD

Is it your NEW BF/GF Business who you ave been with before them??? #ReecQotd

SO, this brings us to the Question of the day – At what age is a child to old to be naked around the “new guy”??? #ReecQOTDSO, this brings us to the Question of the day – At what age is a child to old to be naked around the “new guy”??? #ReecQOTD

Theft in metro Atlanta seems to be the new trend. Is Stealing now the “New Cool”

#Relationship question – if your boyfriend asked you to get in the back seat so his Moma can ride in the front would you feel some type of way??? #ReecQOTD

the question of the day – Should Nicki Respond lyrically??? If you are claiming to be the king/ queen of something, do you have to respond to worthy adversaries on that platform? Join the conversation on Facebook!

Is it OK to ask your EX to hook you up with one of their friends?

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Is it OK For Strangers to Go in Your Fridge??? #ReecQOTD

What’s The Craziest Thing You’ve Done For The Money?? #ReecQOTD

Should students Be Able To Throw In School Baby Showers? #ReecQOTD

Is it Ok to Spy Cam Your Boo??? #ReecQOTD

Is it OK For A Father to Get His Son a Valentine’s Day Present -#ReecQOTD

ReecQOTD – Workout equipment for Valentine’s Day??? Is This OK?

Should Grown Men Touch Lips With Their Dad?#ReecQOTD

Would you support these companies now that they stand against Trump?


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