What do you think about Eminem’s BET Awards Cypher Aimed at Trump? #ReecQOTD Click the question to join the conversation on Facebook Live! Has DOVE Soap Gone To Far? #ReecQOTD   Ladies, Are yall team beard gang or nah? #ReecQOTD Male or Female should you do a background check before going on your first DATE? […]


Is it OK to Have Scarface as a School Play??? Reec discusses on Hot 107.9

Join the conversation on FACEBOOK now!!! More Debates Here!!! What is the Number one Thing – “You Can Get a whoopin For in a Black Household” _ _ _ Is it OK to use other peoples stuff on SOCIAL MEDIA for like? THAT AIN’T YA CAR BRUH …

Is it ok to use other peoples stuff on SOCIAL MEDIA for likes? Like posting a picture of you on someone else’s car or house to get likes. Is this a violation? Click Here to join the conversation on FaceBook!

Headkrack and Brat were at it again in this edition of “Flow And Go!” They covered a bunch of topics, from Da Brat’s new gig on lifetime’s “The Rap Game,” to Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian‘s strange relationship, to this week’s presidential debate and much more! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Watch the exclusive video above (or […]

The first round of the 2015 Democratic presidential debates are about to kick off, but one Democrat who isn’t worried about snagging a seat in…

Nadia Lewis and Jamila Ahmed are two students at Fresno State University in California who have made history by being the first Black women to…

As the presidential candidates met at Hofstra University Tuesday night to answer questions from a group of self-declared undecided voters, viewers around the country came to Twitter to participate in the debate exchanges and offer their own commentary. Throughout tonight’s 90-minute #debate, 7.2 million Tweets were sent. The specific moments that generated the highest amounts […]

Can Mitt Romney turn a losing summer and so far lackluster fall around in a single debate performance? It’s a premise that’s been purposely peddled in punditry in an effort to build suspense for the first of three debates between the Republican presidential challenger and President Barack Obama. It makes more sense to promote the presidential debate like […]

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and state Senator Vincent Fort stopped by our stations today and engaged in a heated debate over the T-Splost transportation referendum. The debate was moderated by Radio One Atlanta’s news/community affairs director, Denise Dunbar. Metro Atlantans will decide whether or not to pass the referendum when they head to the polls […]

Monica and Brandy believe in breastfeeding, but their differing opinions in methods lead to a mini-breastfeeding debate. Is it acceptable to breastfeed in public, or…

<strong>Atlanta mayoral</strong> hopefuls <strong>Mary Norwood</strong> and <strong>Kasim Reed</strong> attacked each other's records Sunday night during their final <strong>debate</strong> before <strong>Tuesday's runoff election</strong>.<!--more-->