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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Miami begins with Bobby Lytes on a date with his boyfriend, Jeffrey. Jeffrey reveals that this is one of his first openly gay relationships, but you know there’s drama coming at some point, right? This is a set up for that. Hold that thought.

Pleasure P tells his group mates that he plans to facilitate a mediation between them and Shay. Then he tells them that he recently met up with his ex and his feelings for her are still there. He even goes as far as describing her as, “the one that got away.” Later on, he meets up with Shay to set things straight with their relationship post-Pretty Ricky fight. Shay is thinking they’re all made up and back in love, but Pleasure P is being dishonest. He does not mention his feelings for his ex or that he met up with her.


Then we get more familiar with Michelle Pooch. She’s one of the biggest promoters in Miami, (so she says), but the point of this scene is to introduce us to her boy Malik. Malik says he works with the music industry’s who’s who, and reps top brands. Malik’s hook is that he has been hanging on to Michelle so much that people think she’s his girlfriend and he’s cool with that because he’s actually gay, on the low (for now), and afraid that people wouldn’t want to work with him if they found out he was gay. So afraid that he signed up for a national television show, but I digress. Anyway, Michelle wishes he’d just come out already because he’s cramping her style.

Jojo is another new entry. She’s an heiress, a stylist, and an aspiring fashion designer, but her filthy rich father isn’t with it. He’s reluctantly financing the boutique she just opened. Basically, she has less than 6 months to make her boutique pop or her father’s withdrawing financial support. She’s planning a grand opening for the store and she wants her dad there, but she also wants her mother there. Her soon to be divorced parents hate each other, so that will be interesting, especially since Papa Jojo uses money as a weapon, according to Jojo.

Remember Jeffrey, Bobby Lyte’s boo? Come to find out, Jeffrey and Malik used to go together.  They dated back in the day when they were both in the closet and here they are, catching up with each other after all that time. Malik says they broke up because he wasn’t ready to come out, and seeing him again makes happy memories come flooding back. Finally, he just tells Jeffrey that he misses him. Fast forward a bit to when Malik tells Jeffrey that he loves him and wants him back. Jeffrey says he loves Malik too then they kiss. But um…Jeffrey got a man, crazy arse Bobby Lytes. Plus, this moment is overwhelming for Malik because he just kissed a man in a club in public…and on camera.

Coming out isn’t That’s not his only problem though because you know Bobby Lytes is gonna feel some type of way and he will make the biggest spectacle out of this as possible aka, he’s about to come out swinging. 


Now we’re at Jojo’s boutique grand opening. Amara, Veronica Vega, and Steph Lecor come through. It turns out that Veronica Vega brought Young Hollywood as her date. She urges him to apologize to Amara, and he does so as disingenuously as possible. He tells her she got his words twisted and starts gaslighting again. He says she looks like a “strong female who can handle that.”


She calls him out on his behavior again in her usually calm, collected demeanor that we’ve been seeing when it comes to that troll, then he calls her ignorant. HE👏🏾CALLS👏🏾HER 👏🏾IGNORANT!


She calls him out again for being a racist douche and still keeps her composure (although he does’t deserve it). This conversation obviously doesn’t go well and he leaves.  Meanwhile, Veronica is acting all fake like she only brought him to apologize and that she’s not going to give him the time of day.


The scene closes out with Jojo’s parents coming face to face. It’s obvious they hate each other, especially when Papa Jojo tells Mama Jojo that she’s the worst mother ever and that he will make sure his lawyers fight as hard as they can to make sure she doesn’t get another dime of his money. There’s obviously more to the story that we will hopefully get to watch unfold.

The episode winds down with Pretty Ricky at an event for Mr. Kream, Miami’s first hip-hop ice cream shop. Baby Blue and Shay make peace, which is what Pleasure P had hoped for. But Liz shows up later on and it all goes downhill.

Pleasure P and Liz have a moment alone. Liz is feeding him ice cream and acting all flirty. Then Shay walks over and catches them sitting next to each other. This is post ice cream feed, but simply seeing another woman next to her man is enough for Shay to toss ice cream at her because Shay does the most and will not let anyone ruin this new reality TV look for her. Chalk it up to female intuition (or desperation), I guess.


Next week, Veronica Vega will expose herself to be the fake friend that she is. And we’ll see you there.


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