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A Washington State Black man is currently in intensive care and unconscious after a woman’s brother brutally beat him with an aluminum bat. Apparently, the brother said during the beating “this is what happens when you bring Black people around here.”

According to the Seattle Times, last month 26-year-old DaShawn Horne went to a local club to unwind where he met an Asian Pacific Islander woman in her 20s, who later invited the young man back to her house after they “hit it off.”

The next morning, the young woman called DaShawn a Lyft home and while he went to get into the car, the woman’s 18-year-old brother flipped out by the fact he was African-American.

According to charging papers, Julian Tuimauga approached the Lyft driver, asked who the driver was there to pick up and when he realized it was DaShawn he starting beating him. The driver told police he saw Tuimauga strike DeShawn repeatedly with his bat.

But this story gets even more depraved: While Horne was lying in his own blood, Tuimauga used his cellphone to video-record the injured man while calling him the N-word, the Seattle Times noted.

Tuimauga was charged last week with first-degree assault, malicious harassment and remains in jail on a $500,000 bail.

Meanwhile, DasShawn’s doctors removed parts of Horne’s skull to relieve swelling in his brain. He is expected to remain in the hospital for the next six months and his prognosis is unclear.

Clearly, DaShawn’s family is devastated.

“You just never think it’s going to happen to you or so close to home. I was just telling someone, ‘It’s different out here. Everybody gets along. It’s so diverse,’” LaDonna Horne told the newspaper on Tuesday.

While her son is fighting for his life, Horne stresses that she is trying to practice her ability to forgive.

Prayers up to the Horne family.


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