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Source: 2017 FOX Emmy Awards Nominee Celebration Featuring: Donald Glover Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 17 Sep 2017 Credit: Brian To/

Due to the ascended levels of his wokeness and understanding of today’s current culture Donald Glover‘s quickly becoming the new voice of this generation living under Trumpism and all the racism and misogyny that comes with it. Now in a new public service announcement about sexual harassment in the workplace the man otherwise known as Childish Gambino finds himself narrating the Rashida Jones animated short.

Debuting this past Tuesday (June 26) for the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund which helps victims of harassment in the workplace with legal representation and public relations assistance, the animated PSA showcases what constitutes sexual harassment and how you can not only avoid accidentally committing it but also help prevent others from doing so as well.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Jones explained that she felt Glover fit the bill to be a part of the PSA in large part due to “his ability to be a part of and criticize culture at the same time — I think it’s a really hard balance to strike,” Jones said. “And also to make really good shit! His music is great, his TV show [Atlanta] is so innovative — he’s got that balance that very few artists do, where he’s able to be true to himself and be honest and make it feel fresh. But also to say something and have people listen.”

Well, she’s not wrong.

As for why she felt the need to volunteer to direct the PSA, Jones spoke a harsh truth that people “suffer day to day with these nuances and microaggressions, which we may not have the language to defend ourselves against.” It’s not specific to the entertainment industry, or any particular business. They wanted to make something, she said, that was “not ultra didactic, not going to be necessarily just for women, something that could travel on the internet, something that’s filled with facts, and hopefully a little bit entertaining that could help educate people a tiny bit.”

Applaud that woke woman and dap up Donald Glover while you’re at it. We got work to do, damn it!


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