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In these trying times, its good to hold on to the ones you love the most & cherish the times you have together. No one is perfect… I loved this caption so much, so I decided to write about it. I met Jhacari, an Atlanta native back in 2019, when his song Thank God won Battlegrounds on The Durtty Boyz Show, & ever since he’s been giving us an inside look into his life.

The 18-year-old singer, songwriter, Youtuber, and social media Influencer has been bringing smiles to the faces of so many for such a long time. He first broke wave with a viral video remake of Elle Mai’s Boo’d Up. At the beginning of the video, he starts off with some really great vocals, which would make you think he’s taking music seriously, then he breaks off into this hilarious ballet of why his girlfriend is so annoying… It is funny you have to watch it.

Then we later meet Jhacari at a few Pep Rally’s where his talent & stardom is made clear because literally, every school we took him to the kids would knock each other down just to get close to him. Then we later find out that Jhacari isn’t just some silly kid on Instagram; he’s got a real fanbase. The kids would sing his songs word for word as if they’ve heard them over and over again.

I’ve literally watched him grow up into a young man right before my eyes. So when he told us this song was dedicated to his “Girlfriend,” you know we had to make a double-take. Then he introduced the world to his girlfriend Ny, who is every bit of his twin they are both goofy & make prank videos & goofy Tik Tok videos that brighten your heart.


He’s recently released a song titled “Nobody But U,” and I think it is safe to say we know who the “U” is.

Follow Jhacari if you realized that you weren’t perfect today & learn that we are all just on this earth to live imperfectly & enjoy every day while living it no matter the circumstances.

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