In these trying times, its good to hold on to the ones you love the most & cherish the times you have together. No one is perfect… I loved this caption so much, so I decided to write about it. I met Jhacari, an Atlanta native back in 2019, when his song Thank God won […]

I couldn’t imagine the roller coaster ride singer Kehlani is experiencing in her music career. The 21-year-old Bay Area bae, is gearing up to release her debut album SweetSexySavage, but she’s already accomplished so much already. With only two mixtapes under her belt, the Oakland, Ca. native has signed with Atlantic Records, had music featured […]

Fans and critics alike are getting at Jaheim's perm-tastic hair and the R&B singer is having none of it.

The singer, known for his smooth demeanor, had to be held back from fighting a club owner on Wednesday night.

Though I didn’t know much about singer/songwriter Kehlani until very recently, I quickly became intoxicated with her honesty, a rare find in the industry. At just…


Alessia Cara, creator of Here, talks, tour, Signing with Def Jam & fan love with Reec on Hot 107.9!!!


Who Is Lynn Tate & Why She's Blowing All the Way up! Live With Reec on Hot 107.9.

Word on the street izzz, Stevie J will have to buy him a brand new wardrobe. The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star claims that his wife, Joseline Hernandez has destroyed $65,000 worth of his belongings. He states that she bleached clothes, cut on things up and smashed some stuff. All out of a jealous […]

Rihanna fans have been patiently waiting for the pop diva to drop her new album “Anti,” but things are taking too long… Many sources have predicted dates, including a December surprise release where supporters could get it before the new year hit. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and people are becoming more and more antsy. Unexpectedly, the […]

Now that Molly O’Malia has spoken publicly about her affiliation to Tyga, the rapper wants to explain. During a new conference, the 14-year-old young lady involved in the scandal claimed he was the one that initiated communication and she began to feel uncomfortable once he asked to FaceTime. Molly adds that she thought he reached […]

Monica was out promoting her eighth, banging studio album, "Code Red" in this once in a lifetime Interludes performance. Which Monica songs do you love from back in the day?

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be as good as Beyoncé Knowles, but Hillary Clinton is ready to step up!! Can she be the Beyoncé of Politics?? During a campaign stop, Mrs. Clinton was asked, “If you could choose, would you rather be president of Queen Bey?” Wow, that’s a random […]