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If you Google actress Octavia Spencer’s age, Wikipedia will tell you that she’s 48. But Spencer, who celebrated her birthday yesterday hopped on Instagram to clear up some things. She’s not 48. And as she celebrated the day, she also shared why now feels like the right time to come clean about her age.


See what she had to say below.

“Hey Y’all, I’m sitting out here in the backyard. Drinking some sangria, eating some potato chips, listening to Ronnie Milsap. Celebrating my birthday.” She cringes before continuing. “The big 5-0. Ugh. Yeah, I know I been saying I’m 48. But the internet will always win. Chuckles. People putting dates and numbers.”

Spencer chuckles as she imitates one of these classmates “‘I thought we went to school together. I’m 50. How are you 48?’ Cuz I want to be!”

Spencer decided to reveal her real age because she’s grateful to still be alive and well.

“All that seems so trivial now. I’m grateful to be turning 50, especially right now, when we’ve lost so many. We’ve lost so many. Remember this time last year? We talked about deferring your joy? Now, if you did not look for the joy between May 24th, this time last year until now…just let that sink in. But the good Lord has a way of making us prioritize things and I think that’s what this crazy pandemic is doing.

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Figure out what’s important to us, who. I know y’all are feeling a certain kind of way because I’m feeling a certain kind of way. But since it’s my birthday I’m not feeling the way I normally feel, where I need some laughter. I’m feeling very grateful.

And since it’s the day of remembrance, remembering our veterans, I’m grateful to them. I’m also grateful to those waging this new war, making it possible for me to be here, sitting at home. So um, Happy Birthday Gemini. You gotta look for the light. In these dark times you’ve got to look for the light.”

Spencer ended the video asking her followers to tell her what’s been bringing them joy these days.

You can check it all out below.

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