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With election season still in effect, Reverend Raphael Warnock shares why he's the best candidate for the US Senate. 

We're heading to Houston, Texas to honor Yolanda Adams who attended Texas Southern University.

Special K is coming for everybody who says they don't trust the new coronavirus vaccine...is this you?

In a recent episode of “The Same Room,” hosted by Stephanie Ike and “The Shade Room” founder Angelica Nwandu, featuring Erica Campbell and Meagan Good, Campbell discussed the idea that cancels culture originated in the church.

Coronavirus vaccines are on the way and here's who will be getting them first.

If you've ever wondered why Tyler Perry is so blessed, it's because he's always lending a helping hand.  He has committed to helping Kenneth Whittaker, the boyfriend of Breonna Taylor with $100,000 in legal fees for his defense.

Denton is suing Dr. Sayah for “disfiguring her.” She believes she will likely suffer from injuries for the rest of her life and will likely require even more surgery to do what she initially asked him to do and correct the mistakes he made with the other procedures.

After getting approved, the COVID-19 vaccine is already causing issues. 

Some Americans are clearly still upset by the election results and Texas is taking action.

Rapper Twista is speaking out on the viral meme he posted of Academy Award-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe after sharing it on his Instagram page earlier this week.