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Cristyl Kimbrough

Source: Jaleesa McDowell / Jaleesa McDowell

Closing Attorney, Cristyl Kimbrough, is an intricate depiction of Black Excellence. Being an owner of one of the oldest black women Real Estate Law Firms in Atlanta, GA, Cristyl, is looking to expand her business clientele while showcasing the success and opportunities, Kimbrough Law Firm offers.

Joining the cast of OWN’s new show, Ladies That List, exploring sophisticated professional black businesswomen, working in real estate, from top producing brokers, high profile attorneys to luxury agents, Cristyl’s goal is to educate clients about the importance of establishing generational wealth and proving home ownership is attainable for all. These real estate pros are breaking up the “olds boys club” and viewers get to discover, Cristyl’s day to day life being a businesswomen  maintaining a social life with other women consisting of contemporaries, competitors, associates and friends.

Ladies That List is redefining Black Woman in reality TV.  Overflowing with black girl magic, these ladies are sharing their success stories and personal obstacles, uniting to uplift, encourage, support and celebrate one another, while remaining transparent, vocal and holding each other accountable. While cast members may have difficulty processing revealed or perceived truths and taking ownership, Cristyl is all about establishing healthy boundaries, while navigating the importance of mental cleansing, addressing tiggers head on in the form of therapy and honest conversation.

Speaking of honest conversation, get an understanding of what you are in for during the debut season of Ladies That List with Cristyl Kimbrough airing right now on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) every Friday at 9pm.


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