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A Lady of Media, with a vivacious attitude that's a perfect attribute for a young talent with an extraordinary personality that sparkles in front of a camera or behind a microphone, K.Samone embarked on her career at the young age of 16 as she became a sideline reporter and producer for NNPSTV- Channel 47 in her hometown Newport News, VA.

Upon graduating from Alma Mater Old Dominion University, K. Samone would land a job with Entercom Virgina Beach, as a promotion assistant and within two months promoted to becoming the digital director for WNVZ- Z104, Morning show The Z Morning Zoo. K. Samone would expand her career as an Executive Producer joining Radio One Philadelphia, Producing the Morning Show for WPHI- Boom 1039, and Midday Shows for WRNB !00.3 Work with Karen and WPPZ - Praise 102.5 Your Voice With Soloman Jones all while being the Female Station voice for WPHI Boom 103.9.

Aside from seeing K. Samone On the Red Carpets as a red carpet correspondent, covering major concerts and event or conducting digital Interviews with some of your favorite artist, you can now catch K.Samone Sliding into Your DM's every Sunday from 2pm- 6pm with her DM report. So make sure your notifications are turned on for this.
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Fox Network has extended their entity introducing a new streaming platform entitled Fox Soul. Fox Soul has recently celebrated their second anniversary creating platforms celebrating the black culture by confronting impactful topics that directly effect the everyday lives of the black community through direct and insightful dialogue involving local and national influencers. Addressing Fox Soul’s […]

Sammie, Mr. Lover Boy, is known for making music telling his truth, displaying his experiences or feelings of what’s occurring at that moment in the world of Sammie. We’ve witness his growth from boy to man in Coming of Age, a rocky relationship in Everlasting and his revealed healing in Such as Life, now Sammie […]

Closing Attorney, Cristyl Kimbrough, is an intricate depiction of Black Excellence. Being an owner of one of the oldest black women Real Estate Law Firms in Atlanta, GA, Cristyl, is looking to expand her business clientele while showcasing the success and opportunities, Kimbrough Law Firm offers. Joining the cast of OWN’s new show, Ladies That List, exploring […]

Founder of Sheen Magazine, Mrs. Kimberley M. Chapman,  is ready to place someone on the thrown to fulfill the role as Publisher. In search for a person to continue to build upon the the foundation in which Sheen Magazine has set, who better to carry the torch than Mrs. Chapman’s own flesh and blood, her […]

9Round Kickboxing Fitness Franchise, has made its way to Buckhead. Gym owner, Geri Gonsalves, focuses on her passion to increase awareness of the importance of creating healthy habits while providing clients and prospects the tools needed to prioritize fitness into their daily routine.         Aside from educating the community about  proper nutrition […]

  Diamonds are truly a girls best friend to the point, us ladies, have an insider that can give us all the jewels and gems for our purchases or what we’re sending our men to purchase. Allow me to introduce you to Jewelry Designer Gina White, whom took the Diamond and Gold industry by storm. […]

As women continue to prevail in the hip hop industry, proving to the world daily, there can be more than one at female in the limelight, it’s only right to add another lady to that roster. Lia givenchy aka. Ms. Baethoven  a South American Native from Brookyln, New York is ready to leave her imprint […]

One of our favorite groups of all time, Jodeci, helped shape the narrative of what we know of R&B today, with their push back attitudes and bad boy swag. Many people give the credit to Diddy for the groups appearance, style and aura, but all recognition is deserved to Mr. Dalvin. This group was never […]

Being apart of the music industry for three decades, you are able to witness the birth of a new era and new sounds of music as it transitions.Talking with super producer, Troy Taylor, I was able to get a front wrote seat from his point of view of how producing  has changed over the course […]

RL, best known for his hit single with Deborah Cox, We Can’t Be Friends, teaming up with R&B sensations such as,  Ginuwine, Tyrese and Case for the Best Man I Can Be and one third of mega group Next, sat down with me to talk about his journey leading to his new single Another Night. […]

My Girl Kissie Lee is back alongside Mr. Hanky, but this time she brought Light Skin Keisha along for the ride and Sheesh, you must fasten your seatbelt for this one. Last time we spoke with Kissie Lee she was getting us in the holiday spirit with her reedition of Someday at Christmas, while trying […]

  Kissie Lee, named after a poem by Margert Walker, about a women finding her way and coming into her own well from Making the Band to writing billboard hit singles for artist such as Luke James, Jacob Latimore, Keke Wyatt  and so many others. Kissie has made her way back to the spotlight with […]