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When City High was out most people only really cared about the beautiful Claudette Ortiz. The other two brothas in the crew, Robbie and Ryan, were less relevant than the fifth member of Dru Hill. But recently, A&E’s Intervention a shined a light on Robbie’s spiral into alcohol and the male members’ romance history with City High’s lone female member. He says that his break up with Claudette was the reason for his downfall.

In a recent interview with blog lmortlock, Claudette spoke about her reaction to the episode and gives her side of the story about the group and the break up.

Sheis…: What are your overall thoughts about the A&E special?

Claudette Ortiz: I didn’t watch it when it came on but then all this stuff started popping up on the internet & when I decided that I was going to do this interview I had to watch it… I’m being used a scapegoat for his failure… he didn’t appreciate me, City High… I saw him on there talking about the red carpet… he didn’t appreciate the red carpet… I’m 18 years old living my dream, we were nominated for a Grammy & here is Robbie drunk… drunker than I’ve ever seen, I’m hoping we don’t win because I didn’t think he could control himself if we had to go on stage an accept the award. To be ridiculed for something you did is one thing, but for lies & non-sense? That’s not going to work…

Sheis…: What do you feel is the biggest misconception &/or lie?

Claudette Ortiz: That the group broke up because of me or my actions. After I had my first son & it was time to start recording the second album, I said to myself I couldn’t do it… I couldn’t be in this group with him anymore… that would mean spending time around him, my son would be around him… & I didn’t want that. So I spoke with my manager & Ryan… it was a hard decision to make but I prayed about it. I left the group in June 2003… he knows my reasons… he wanted to stay in the group… maybe that’s why he blames me. But if me leaving because I didn’t want to deal with the nightmare anymore is a bad thing, then I’ll take that. I’d been dealing with it since 1998 all the way through to 2003. I don’t know many solid women that can deal with that for so long… I even initially took the blame… I remember doing the Wendy Williams show & accepting all responsibility for the breakup because I didn’t want to talk about the truth… I don’t think he expected me to say anything… but I’m not that little girl anymore. I’m not weak, I’m a grown woman. I have children, got married, divorced… you have to stand up for yourself & that’s what I’m doing.

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Member Of City High Featured On A&E’s “Intervention”