Even cable networks get scammed sometimes. That was the case for the A&E Channel who cancelled their upcoming KKK documentary which was intended to serve as a close look at anti-hate extractors focused on helping people leave the Ku Klux Klan. In a statement released over the weekend, the network said that they’ve decided not to air […]

http://www.mzshyneka.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Bill-cosby-accusers.png A&E is giving the Bill Cosby accusers a platform to speak out about their encounters with the comedian. The network will show intimate interviews with the women and a few of them will speak out publicly for the first time. Related: Beverly Johnson Forgives Bill Cosby [VIDEO] The special will air Sept 17 at 10 […]

“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson really stepped in some mess when he made comments to GQ Magazine stating he believed Black people were happier before the Civil…

DeKalb County Police homicide detectives will be featured nationally in A&E’s “The First 48.” A television crew is following the department’s homicide unit for the cable television show, which each week documents the first 48 hours of homicide investigations across the country.

This episode of "Intervention" turned into an auto-tune laugh fest!!! You MUST watch this video!!!

As we previously reported, City High's name has been back in the headlines due to former member Robbie's recent appearance on the A&E show "Intervention," where it was revealed that he has been battling alcoholism. His addiction affected the group, as Claudette who he once dated found solace in the arms of Ryan, the third member of the group. Click here to watch an interview with Claudette.

As we previously reported, after City High called it quits in 2003, one of the members apparently fell victim to alcoholism and wa featured on an episode of A&E’s “Intervention.” Group member Claudette Ortiz has responded to Robbie's accusation that she is to blame for his alcoholism and the band's subsequent break up.

Remember the R&B group City High that hit big in the early 2000s with the singles "Caramel" and "What Would You Do?" After the group called it quits in 2003, one of the members apparently fell victim to alcoholism and will be featured on an episode of A&E's "Intervention." Watch the entire episode right here!