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VIA: New York Post

Lawyers for Sean “Diddy” Combs filed papers in Brooklyn, New York federal court last week asking a judge to compel The Urban Glass Quarterly magazine, based in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, to reveal its notes about an article that suggested Comb’s fashion label, Sean John, ripped off a renowned glassblowing artist.

The artist, Tom Patti, is suing Combs for copyright infringement over the design of Sean John’s Unforgivable cologne, which Patti claims looks a lot like a 1981 sculpture of his that was valued at $40,000 in 2006 when it was displayed at the Heller Gallery in Manhattan.

The sculpture, entitled “Compacted Gray With Clear and Ribs,” is a smoky glass block with a hole in the top that looks identical to Combs’ fragrance bottle, says Patti in legal papers.

But Combs’ lawyers aim to prove that the mag planted the idea for the suit in the artist’s mind.

“The article appears to have been conceived entirely by the Glass Quarterly parties, who approached [Patti] . . . with a suggestion that [Diddy’s] fragrance package copied Tom Patti’s works,” they wrote in court papers.

Now they want the magazine to hand over all of the notes journalist Frida Hognabba took for her 2008 article.

Calls to Combs, the magazine and Combs’ lawyer were not immediately returned.