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According to AccessAtlanta, recently freed rapper Gucci Mane and his Brick Squad protégé Waka Flocka Flame started shooting a video in Atlanta last Saturday.

We’re not sure what neighborhood the video was filmed in, but some of the area’s residents weren’t too happy to see Waka in their hood. A video shot by shows a man walking toward the video set, hurling profanities at Waka Flocka. Apparently, the two had some disagreements in the past, and the man was not happy that the rapper was in his hood.

“I’m going to smash your site,” the man yelled.

The very shaky footage showed the man yelling for about five minutes and ends with a couple of people trying to explain to the cameraman exactly what is happening.

You’ll notice that the men rolling up on Waka are wearing the Crips color blue. Waka, Gucci and their crew are reportedly Bloods.

Unlike other major cities like L.A. or Chicago, Atlanta has never really had a major gang problem until recently. When did all this start and why?

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