Former Georgia Tech star and ex-NBA player Javaris Crittenton has been indicted on murder and gang activity charges. According to WSB TV, Crittenton, an Atlanta native, was indicted today (April 3) by a Fulton County grand jury. Police say Crittenton joined a Los Angeles gang called the Mansfield Gangster Crips after being a first round […]

   What in the hell? I’m just all types of … confused. It looks like in Memphis members of the Ku Klux Klan and Grape…

R&B star Chris Brown can’t seem to catch a beak. After being slandered for staying seated at the Grammys, a Crips gang member couldn’t resist heckling the hell out of Breezy as he walked to his car. Chris is seen leaving an establishment surrounded by photographers. As he makes his way to his fly Lamborghini, […]

Gang affiliations are oftentimes set in stone, with members choosing sides and vowing to remain loyal to their selected group. But two members of the infamously rival gangs the Bloods and the Crips have put aside their differences in favor of one common cause: Occupy Atlanta. According to an article written by Occupy Atlanta participant […]

Snoop Dogg found himself in a little hot water with the boys in blue 24 hours before his recent concert in Oklahoma. A video posted on the Internet shows an Oklahoma member of the Crips threatening Snoop based on comments he made about gang life outside of Los Angeles.

Slick Pulla's cousin Queial of Atlanta rap group Da Congressmen was the one who confronted Waka Flocka Flame recently at a Gucci Mane video shoot. Click here for Waka's response!

According to AccessAtlanta, recently freed rapper Gucci Mane and his Brick Squad protégé Waka Flocka Flame started shooting a video in Atlanta last Saturday. We're not sure what neighborhood the video was filmed in, but some of the area's residents weren't too happy to see Waka in their hood.