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During an interview with our affiliate station, Houston’s The Box during the BET Awards weekend, Toya Carter confirmed there will not be a third season of “Tiny and Toya.”

But she did score her own show.

On rumors of a spin-off:

“I got a spin-off of “Tiny and Toya”, but Tiny is going to feature on it, but it’s mainly me…

On why there will not be a third season of “Tiny & Toya”

Nothing happened. We’re doing our own thing or whatever Tiny is focusing on her music, and she’s getting married and different things like but we’re still friends. We support each other 100%. It’s no negative nothing. It’s all love.”

On her new show “Toya’s Family Affair” and haters.

“You’re gonna see my new boo, my family, my friends, I’m all with this positive thing. I see all the people that I inspired along the way with my story some people may hate and be like, she’s just Lil Wayne Baby Momma. I can’t help the cards I was dealt to me… all I can do is make the best of my situation and the people that are touched by my story I’m willing to give you more. It is what it is.”

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