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Teri Woods is part of a $1 billion class-action lawsuit against a NYC nightclub. <!--more-->

Ok guys, some people agree with this list, other disagree... I want to know how you feel about the MTV Hottest MC's in the game list comment and i'm going on air with thi <!--more-->

OSLO – President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” <!--more-->

<p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Harlem, New York producer/rapper Ron Browz recently that he has split from his label, Universal Motown.<br /><br />According to Browz, he could not see eye-to-eye with the label, despite experiencing success in 2009, including two BET Award nominations for hit records he recorded.<br /><br />Browz, who produced classic tracks by rappers like Big L, 50 […]

Now that Shyne is "90 percent of the way home" from prison, as his lawyer told MTV News earlier this week, the rapper's October 6 release date from prison will be as highly anticipated as a blockbuster album release date. <!--more-->

Oh boy!! Clifford Smith, better known as rapper “Method Man,” was arrested on tax evasion charges on Monday morning. Mef surrendered himself to the NYPD Detective Squad of the Richmond County District Attorney’s Office this morning. <!--more-->

Official Video For Hell Of A Life By T.I. Off His New Album "Paper Trail: Case Closed" Enjoy and Comment your thoughts on this new video <!--more-->

Tell us what you think we want to know, leave a comment after you watch new Video from The Boss & Robin Thicke <!--more-->

I know we keep bringing this back up but it is so utterly rediculous and Hilarious in my opinion, watch this video of Beyonce' trying to stop Lil Mama from jumping on the stage <!--more-->

Caught a little footage of Chris Brown hard at work in VA. He doesn't look too happy about it either! <!--more-->

<strong>Kandi Burress</strong> has sent an exclusive statement to <strong>Hello Beautiful</strong> see what <strong>Kandi</strong> has to say about the death of her fiance <strong>AJ</strong><!--more--> Why is it that every TIME something great is happening in your life it seems like its accompanied by something tragic? I have lost two very important men in my life in one week. The 1st was my Uncle Ralph, the 2nd is A.J. <!--more-->

Confirmed the unfortunate news that AJ Jewell has passed away through multiple RELIABLE sources. Sad news has just come down the pipe regarding Real housewives Kandi Buruss and her former fiance and successful club promoter AJ Jewell. <!--more-->