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23 Smoking Pictures Of Shantel Jackson (PHOTOS)  was originally published on

1. Glamour Shot.

Glamour Shot.

2. The Sexy Look-Away.

The Sexy Look-Away.

3. Smelling The Roses.

Smelling The Roses.

4. Beauty & Boxing.

Beauty & Boxing.

5. There Are Two Sides To Every Great Outfit.

There Are Two Sides To Every Great Outfit.

6. Dazzling Dimples.

Dazzling Dimples.

7. Throwback Thursday!

Throwback Thursday!

8. Funny Faces!

Funny Faces!

9. Beach Ready.

Beach Ready.

10. Funny Faces x Four.

Funny Faces x Four.

11. On The Phone.

On The Phone.

12. Mrs. Officer.

Mrs. Officer.

13. Miss Jackson & Miss Taylor.

Miss Jackson & Miss Taylor.

14. Gym Flow.

Gym Flow.

15. Triple Threat!

Triple Threat!

16. All Smiles!

All Smiles!

17. Enjoying Miami’s Scenic Views.

Enjoying Miami’s Scenic Views.

18. Ready To Go!

Ready To Go!

19. Photoshoot Fresh.

Photoshoot Fresh.

20. Just Hangin’.

Just Hangin’.

21. Dressed To Impress.

Dressed To Impress.

22. Different Sides Of Miss Jackson.

Different Sides Of Miss Jackson.

23. No Makeup!

No Makeup!