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If you’re like me, SEEING someone achieve something that you want to do is very inspiring. As a mom of 4, I managed to get my pre-baby body back and even shed a few extra pounds. A lot of this had to do with a disciplined diet and hard work at the gym. I also gained LOTS of inspiration from female fitness athletes and models on Instagram, here’s my transformation and some of my favorite follows.

1. Antanique


Antanique is a professional fitness athlete and competitor. She also works as a personal trainer and provides great fitness tips and inspiration on her IG timeline.

2. Lanagem and VitaminEllen

Lanagem and VitaminEllen

Atlanta’s own Mother/Daughter duo, ‘lanagem’ and ‘vitaminellen’ are known for their popular fitness program “Black Girls Work Out Too.”

3. VinoFit


Tyra Underwood is a professional bikini athlete (as you can see). She is focused and driven and doesn’t play in the gym!

4. Bianca Berry

Bianca Berry

_biancaberry is a top 10 international fitness competitor

5. Maria More

Maria More

Maria More is known for her Midday Show on Hot 107.9 but she is also a fitness enthusiast. When she’s not on air, Maria teaches Zumba classes and finds ways to stay active. Maria is a proud fit mom of 4 children.

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