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Actress, author and YouTuber Skai Jackson turns 19 today. She has had a fulfilling career since she began acting at the age of 5, first making her debut in the film Liberty Kid. Jackson has since gone on to appear in a number of Disney programs like Jessie, Bunk’d and the animated children’s series Bubble Guppies. It hasn’t always been easy being a Disney child star for Skai, but she has managed to grow into a happy and unapologetic young woman, who often shares her music and pop culture opinions on social media.

Jackson is not one to stray away from a bit of timeline controversy. She has sparked conversations about men and their signs, her favorite musical acts and television shows.

It is a joy to watch a young, Black woman like Skai Jackson promote body positivity, being true to herself and not taking anyone’s mess. The girls are growing up to be more than past generations could have ever imagined. Unapologetically Black, bold and beautiful!

Here’s a gallery then and now of the young superstar and a look at how much she’s grown. Happy 19th Birthday, Skai!

Then & Now: 10 Photos of Skai Jackson Celebrating 19 Years of Her Success And Stardom  was originally published on

1. Then: Baby Skai Gracing Covers


Her and her mom Kiya Cole appear on the cover of Parenting Magazine. Skai has always had the most adorable face and delightful smile. 

2. Now: The Same Baby Face Today


Skai has the same baby face, and by the looks of her mom, she’s going to continue aging gracefully. 

3. Then: A Force


Skai has been a force since the beginning. Her influential light is shining so bright. She had all of the young girls applauding her and waiting on her next move. Not much has changed for the glowing superstar. 

4. Now: Draped in Designer


She dazzles in Miu Miu. We love to see it. 

5. Then: So Much Personality


Skai Jackson has had so much personality since she was a child. Look at her adorable Princess Leia buns. 

6. Now: The Personality Is Even More Vibrant


Skai has over 12 million followers on TikTok where she often shares videos. You can see her personality shining ever so bright. 

7. Then: Skai’s Ballet School


Skai shares a memory of her at the Dance Theater of Harlem. She went to an all Chinese ballet school at the Chen Dance Center. 

8. Now: Dancing With The Stars


Fast forward to her time on ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ She doesn’t claim to be a dancer, but her skills from Chen Dance Center were definitely put to work.

9. Then: Skai’s First Job


This cutie has been working since she was a baby. Look at those eyes! 

10. Now: Work, Work Don’t Stop


Skai Jackson has been working most of her life, but the work doesn’t stop here. We wish her continued success on her ongoing journey! Happiest of birthdays to you!