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Throwback Songs That Taught Us How To Spot A Scrub  was originally published on

1. When he won’t say your name around other women.

2. When he can’t spacially expand your horizons.

3. When he isn’t man enough for you.

4. When he’s just trifling as all hell.

5. When he gives another woman the ammo to shut your shit down.

6. When he’s a one-minute man.

7. When being a side-chick is her norm.

8. When he’s a stalker.

9. When her hygiene is despicable.

10. When he’s a grown ass man, but acts like a little boy.

11. When the good doesn’t outweigh the bad.

12. When you find panties on the premises.

13. When you’re paying for everything.

14. When he’s just an all-around douche.

15. When he couldn’t care less about your well-being.

16. When he’s playing both sides and obviously lying to both of you.