International sports star Genoveva Anonma revealed that she was asked to strip naked to prove her “womanhood” in front of World Cup officials. Not only was her…

Late last month comedian Jimmy Kimmel found himself in the crosshairs of Kanye West after the late night talk show host spoofed an interview that Yeezus did with the BBC. Kanye called Kimmel to complain in what Kimmel said was a “bad” conversation, then Yay went on a now infamous Twitter rant for the perceived disrespect. […]

Rihanna’s “S&M” song was renamed by the UK’s BBC Radio 1 this weekend, without her consent! Just last week, they deemed the tune too hot for daytime, prohibiting airplay before 7 p.m. The new song title was unveiled Sunday on the UK’s Top 40 Singles chart as “Come On.” When a fan on Twitter asked […]

Chris Rock appeared on the BBC's Graham Norton show in the U.K. and poked fun at Beyonce's lace front and Michelle Obama's use of weaves since becoming First Lady.