It looks like Steve may not stay be most hated man in the universe for long, thanks to Belize.

Here's Shyne's latest tune featuring posthumous vocals from The Notorious B.I.G. and a sample from Bob Marley's "Sun Is Shining." Shyne does not sound the same either. What do y'all think?

Chairman of the Island Def Jam Music Group, Antonio "L.A." Reid, chartered a private jet and flew to Belize yesterday to get Shyne's signature on a multi-million dollar recording contract. Click here for details.

Four months after being released from prison and then deported to his native Belize, Shyne has reportedly signed a seven-figure deal with Def Jam Records. Click here for details.

Recently freed rapper Shyne has been denied entry into the United Kingdom. The rapper attempted to enter London via Cancun, Mexico, because he cannot enter the United States. He was deported from the United States and sent to Belize upon his release from prison, after serving eight years in prison for a high profile shooting involving Sean “Diddy” Combs and then girlfriend Jennifer Lopez.

On Monday in Belize, <strong>Shyne</strong> made his first public appearance since being deported to his native country last week. The former <strong>Bad Boy</strong> rapper had been detained by immigration officials for nearly four weeks after serving close to nine years in prison for his involvement in <strong>1999's Club New York shooting</strong>, for which <strong>Diddy</strong> also stood trial but was acquitted. <!--more-->

<strong>Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow</strong> has released his first official statement of support for his estranged son <strong>Shyne (Jamal Barrow)</strong> since the rapper’s deportation return on Tuesday (October 27). Shyne was recently released from serving a near 10-year prison sentence in connection to the infamous <strong>1999 Club New York shooting</strong> in which <strong>Diddy</strong> also stood trial but was acquitted. <!--more-->

Former <strong>Bad Boy</strong> rapper <strong>Shyne</strong> was released from the custody of <strong>U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement</strong> on Wednesday (October 28) and has "temporarily accepted deportation" to the country of <strong>Belize</strong>, according to his attorney. <!--more-->

Former <strong>Bad Boy</strong> rapper <strong>Shyne</strong> has been released from prison after serving nearly nine years of a 10-year sentence, but the artist now faces deportation to his native Belize, where his father is the prime minister. Click below to read about the case. <!--more-->