What makes comedy? Is it the satire, combining realistic relatable experiences with humor? What determines if a comedian is sincerely funny? With the evolution of social media the narrative and dynamics of comedy has transformed from a simple  stand showcase to social media skits. Think back to television shows such as, Showtime at the Apollo, […]

We know Bernie Mac is smiling in heaven as he received the proclamation from Chicago to declare November 14th Bernie Mac Day! The Kings Of Comedy came together on The Steve Harvey Show to pay homage to one of the greatest comedians, Bernie Mac along with his family in the audience. The tearful reunion even brought out […]


Scores of students staged a walk-out on Monday to express disdain for the President-Elect Donald Trump.

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For the first time, Bernie Mac's widow speaks out about the final moments of his life.

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Talk about legendary status. Comedian and actor Bernie Mac made us laugh with hit stand up routines, and his scene-stealing ability in movies and television. This…

It’s kinda hard to believe that Bernie Mac’s been gone for two years already.