Centino Kemp

Centino Kemp, one of the five young men to come forward with sexual allegations against Eddie Long has recently announced that he has completed his book detailing his life experiences. Here’s what you can expect from “First Lady.” “The First Lady” is the life story of Centino Kemp. A talented young man born in the […]

Centino Kemp, one of the five men who claimed to have had a sexual relationship with Bishop Eddie Long, has taken to Twitter to show his anger that the embattled pastor is having a Spirit & Truth Conference in the Bahamas, where Kemp is originally from. As we previously reported, Kemp, 22, claimed that he had […]

Centino Kemp is  one of the Eddie Long Accusers who allegedly got broke off with a fat settlement to keep his mouth shut. But could he be breaking his silence soon? Kemp tweeted to his followers that he’s coming out with a book. The title? “First Lady.”

Jamal Parris and Spencer LeGrande are not the only Eddie Long accusers at risk of losing their settlement money by speaking out against the embattled bishop. Eddie Long’s fifth accuser Centino Kemp took to Twitter to vent his frustration about the entire ordeal. Judging by one of his tweets, Kemp may have been drunk while […]

Fox 5 Atlanta has discovered that there was a fifth accuser in the Bishop Eddie Long sexual misconduct case. Centino Kemp never filed a lawsuit and his name was never made public during the case, but apparently Kemp was involved in the recent settlement negotiations with Long and the other accusers. According to Fox 5 […]