Chrissy Lampkin

The hip-hop couple spills the tea on their wedding and new show.

We all loved them on LHHNY but these two have enough entertainment for their own show. Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones was seen filming their new show for WETv. We cant wait to see these two again especially after their recent celebration of 12 year as a couple! Check out their love for each other on Instagram this past week. U know th […]

In case you thought the time former  ”Love and Hip Hop” star Chrissy Lampkin went all Xena Warrior Princess on Juelz Santana’s girlfriend Kimbella was…

“Love and Hip Hop” star Chrissy Lampkin was arrested early this morning for allegedly bloodying up a girl at a New Jersey bar … not exactly a stretch, right? Edgewater PD tells TMZ … Lampkin was popped around 2:30 AM for aggravated assault and disorderly conduct … we’re told it was bad enough that the victim required […]

When it comes to unorthodox couples, Jim Jones and his woman Chrissy Lampkin are the leaders of the pack. She proposed to him and he…

Yandy Smith was involved in the first season of “Love & Hip Hop,” but she was behind the scenes. When Yandy became a cast member…

Chrissy Lampkin from Vh1’s “Love & Hip Hop” may be pregnant! A close source to the soon-to-be bride claims she is expecting. According to XXL: A source close to the recently engaged couple, the two have been apparently trying to get pregnant for years and reached a point where both “had basically given up… [saying] if […]

After finally getting her ring from Jim Jones, it looks like Chrissy is about to get her other wish too…she’s having a baby. According to a MTO snitch, 40-year old and Jim had been trying for years to get pregnant, and had basically given up…they were like” if it happens, it happens.” Well a few […]

When Jim Jones finally proposed to Chrissy on Love and Hip Hop, in her confessional, Chrissy cried and said, “Even if we never get married…” **Record scratches** Wait a minute! Wasn’t Chrissy’s entire gripe with her Jimmy the fact that he would never commit to her and put a ring on it. Jimmy’s lame proposal […]

The tension brewing between Chrissy & Yandy reached its breaking point, last night on “Love & Hip Hop.” The ladies who once joked together like besties, almost came to blows after Chrissy announced that she had read an e-mail Yandy sent her fiance Jim Jones about his expenses. Chrissy accused Yandy of blurring the line […]

Last week’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop saw Jim Jones surprise Chrissy with a marriage proposal. On tonight’s episode Jim Jones explains why he finally got down on bended knee proposed. Besides the happy moment, the battle between Chrissy and Yandy comes to a head. Basically, tonight’s episode is sure to bring the usual drama […]

The world watched last week, as Jim Jones didn’t get down on one knee and proposed to his long-time girlfriend Chrissy. Some felt it wasn’t romantic enough, that she pressured him and he eventually caved in. While I still appreciated the sentiment, folks weren’t really buying the love. It could be because we didn’t see […]