An anonymous Egyptian forensic expert said an explosion is the likely cause of the EgyptAir crash. But Egyptian officials rejected that report.

Many people believed that the hijacker may have been affiliated with ISIS, but he took over the plane because he wanted to give a letter to his ex-wife.

Everyone loves a good prank. Making Paris Hilton think she was about to die in a plane crash for the sake of television was not…

Former Saved By The Bell actor Dustin Diamond has been convicted of two misdemeanors dating back to a bar room fight last Christmas. He will be facing…


Sunday November 24th hundreds of listeners came out to join Positive American Youth and Morgan & Morgan Law for a free turkey give away in the West End. By days end 320 turkeys, 400 book bags, an array of gift items and over 200 T-Shirts had been handed out to the community! Reec & Jahlion […]

Blue Ivy’s first kiss was revealed on the Wendy Williams Show, and apparently Jay-Z is not happy about it. Singer/songwriter Alicia Keys appeared on the talk show and told Wendy how her 2-year-old son Egypt kissed the 1-year-old daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z, who called Alicia’s husband Swizz Beatz for a father-to-father talk. “Egypt kissed […]

Alicia Keys & hubby Swizz Beatz were spotted on the streets of New York with their baby boy Egypt, and he is a little cutie! The singer has repeatedly gushed about becoming a first time mom stating: “Every moment is beautiful; delicious even! Every moment I’m learning and living in a way I never have […]

Anyone watching the news can see that things are getting really crazy in Egypt. Unfortunately, one of my favorite news reporters, Anderson Cooper got caught in the fire of all the violence. He and his film crew were ATTACKED this week! Check out the video here:

Alicia Keys took to her blog to gush about her new baby boy yesterday, almost two weeks after his birth. The new mom posted a letter to her fans singing the praises of her son and expressing her amazement at the miracle of life.