for the love of ray j

Ever since her departure from "For the Love of Ray J," it seems that things have been downhill for Monica "Danger." She has had several public breakdowns and reportedly has "serious mental issues," and now a recent video has Danger walking the streets barefoot, talking to herself while waving a used maxi pad.

Someone caught up with Danger while she was walking the streets with a girl she claimed to be her sister, and a man she called her husband. She also announced she's pregnant again. Watch the clip here!

During last night's "For The Love Of Ray J" reunion show, Ray J found out that Olympic track legend Usain Bolt hooked up with one of his girls, and Ray J did not seem happy about it at all! Click here for the details!

So, now that Ray J’s reality show “For the Love of Ray J” (1 & 11) is over…what’s the next move? Well, he’s still dabbling in the world of reality television, but this time, he’s bringing his big sister Brandy along for the ride!

Danger is a certified nutcase and if anyone really loves her, they will have her committed. She was being interviewed by Poprah from "I Want To Work For Diddy" at a stand up comedy event for Haiti when things turned ugly. Peep the strange video here.

This chick is clearly a basket case who needs professional help somewhere. Listen to this interview and let me know what you think about her.

"For the Love of Ray J" star Monica Danger has lost custody of her newborn baby -- just weeks after she was placed on a psychiatric hold over an incident involving the child. Read more here.

Ray-J tweeted earlier that he just got a $2 million bonus from VH1, the home of his show "For The Love Of Ray-J." Click here for details.