Now that Blac Chyna is dating a Kardashian, it may be time for her to reconcile the nasty beef she had with them… Related: Blac Chyna’s Subliminal Post Links To Robert Kardashian [PHOTOS] The socialite is in a romantic relationship with Rob Kardashian and her bestie Amber Rose recently posted a beautiful selfie with Kim […]

Apollo Nida is upset with his friend Peter Thomas who has yet to visit him in prison. He posted an Instagram photo of the two ranting about his hurt by Peter’s absence. Peter then took to his own IG and responded to his friend, giving his support and props!! That apparently softened the blows and […]

Kobe Bryant and Master P are still feuding over the rappers recent accusations. The hip hop mogul is willing to have a face-to-face with the NBA player, naming his new statement “The Truth Hurts.” After Bryant responded to P claiming he was being insensitive, by questioning his support for Lamar Odom. P is not standing down. Read his response here… […]

Have you found yourself spending more lone time lately? If so, you may want to invite a friend out to coffee or a movie or…

The comeback of hit 90s R&B girl group SWV is real, but the drama behind the scenes is a bit too real. In their upcoming…

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Producer Mannie Fresh has helped create some of your favorite songs in hip-hop since the late ’90s. In an interview with Vlad TV, Mannie Fresh…

A few months ago, while on the coattails of summer’s craziness, I lived through a strange experience of friendship that left me to the tendency of some friends to take, take, take… and take. Call them what you may, I like to think of these types of relationships as “convenience friendships.” This particular story involves […]

When you notice that a friend suddenly won’t answer your text messages, tweets, texts or emails, this can be an unnerving and disturbing situation. According to, the first sign that something could be ‘wrong’ with a friendship is often when you just don’t hear from your friend. Some people are not good at initiating […]

Last night, on a whim, a friend I hadn’t seen in years joined me and a gathering of mutual friends in one of our living rooms. I hadn’t expected this reunion to occur, but it was interesting to talk to her and learn about her life again, especially since things have changed so much since […]

Yesterday, as I was walking back from the train station after a long day at work, I ran into someone I knew on the way home. After we exchanged greetings and we proceeded to chat, it quickly became hard to hold a conversation as we both seemed lost in our own worlds. We had both […]

While walking to work yesterday, I was caught off guard when a woman walking in the opposite direction randomly smiled and waved at me. I spent the following ten minutes trying to figure out why a stranger had acknowledged me in this way, taking into account every aspect of my appearance, especially my recently dyed […]