Good Hair

The “Natural Hair Movement” is not just about “style,” it is also a campaign to educate women about the risks of prolonged use of harsh chemicals (including relaxers) on the hair. From scalp burns to hair loss, relaxers can cause some serious damage. Now, a recent study suggests that Relaxers may be linked to Uterine […]

What is good hair? The question is frequently asked and women of color are usually the ones subjected to scrutiny and put on display for target like guinea pigs. “Your weave is distracting, your hair is nappy, your hair is too short” are just some of the sentiments we face being a black woman. When […]

Chris Rock appeared on the BBC's Graham Norton show in the U.K. and poked fun at Beyonce's lace front and Michelle Obama's use of weaves since becoming First Lady.

<strong>Chris Rock</strong> brings the <strong>The Urban World Film Festival</strong> and the reviews are not what you expect.<!--more-->