Looks like stealing weaves is the hottest of trends right now, and it looks like these thieves got the big one. Last Friday, thieves broke…

The bad news is, Gabby Douglas has seen some of the negative comments about her hair. The good news is, the gold medalist could care less! During a recent interview, Gabby responded to her critics by saying: “What’s wrong with my hair? I’m like, ‘I just made history and people are focused on my hair?’ […]

My girl Rih Rih is turn’t up with this new blonde hair. Shawagg is at an all time high I guess this is why she made a play for Ochocinco’s woman Evelyn.

Have you begun planning your holiday party yet? If not, we’re sure you’ve at least thought about what you’ll wear if an invite comes your way. We’re here to help. First things first, some hot hair accessories for under $50! Bows, bands, shimmer and sequins… Holiday Hair Accessories by hellobeautifulfashion (clockwise from top left) Goddess […]

After one month of having completely natural hair, I have learned more and more about myself, how people perceive me, and how to care for my hair in its natural state. Although I doubted whether or not I could pull off an extremely short haircut, I went through with the big chop without tears or […]

It seems like every black woman in the nation has decided on “going natural”. If she hasn’t stopped getting relaxers already, she’s probably thought about it. The natural hair movement, which focuses on self-love and acceptance, healthy lifestyles, and defining one’s own beauty, has grown from a small community and has all but gone mainstream. […]

When a woman with chemically processed hair decides that she wants to go natural, she may consider doing the big chop.  To ‘big chop’ or ‘BC’ is to chop off the majority of one’s hair, which is relaxed, while leaving only the new growth, which is natural. Although many women of color are deciding to […]

When I first thought of ‘going natural’ in January 2011, I quickly decided against it; I opted to continue my regular relaxer regimen.  After all, it worked for ten years.  But during my past three years in college, I have found it difficult, frustrating and nearly impossible to grow and maintain a healthy head of […]

We love summer, but potential health hazards seem to be everywhere, from jellyfish stings to hyperactive armpits to fried, frizzy hair…here’s how to get through the bikini season unscathed. Bloat – Being on your feet for long periods of time (standing in line at the amusement park, for example) can lead to swelling and bloat. […]

Does your skin immediately sting or turn red when you apply makeup or skin care products? If yes, then you have sensitive skin. In many cases,  the ingredients *sulfates and *parabens are the reasons why your skin reacts so negatively. Is it too much to ask for a beauty product that won’t cause you unbearable discomfort when applied? For a time it was, but some well-known and […]

Theft of human hair extensions and wigs is apparently on the rise. Some robberies have ended in death, while others have perplexed cops completely: it seems thieves would rather walk out with hair than cash. According to the New York Times, once stolen, the hair is typically sold on the street or on the Internet, […]

Your favorite shampoo and conditioner can help you regain healthy hair but they don’t act alone. To give your hair a boost look at what you’re putting in your body. Similar to your skin and nails, your hair reaps the benefits of a better diet. 7 Foods Men Should Eat Weekly I witnessed this firsthand […]