Kelis is not a fan of “California Gurls” Katy Perry! According to Britain’s Daily Star newspaper the “Milkshake” singer said, “Katy Perry is crap. It’s just poor pop. Her name might be on her stuff but that doesn’t mean it’s any good.” We don’t have a problem with folks speaking their opinion and venting, but […]

Katy Perry released her artistic video for the single “ET” featuring Kanye West. Katy must of been hanging out with Lady Gaga and Kelis because this video resembles both their styles. None-the-less the video is visually stimulating and interesting! Nicki Minaj, Beyonce & Other Popular Artists Unite To Help Japan Kanye West & Jay-Z Are […]

Recently, Rihanna told the BBC’s Radio 1 that she did not want to do "generic pop records" like her peers Ke$ha, Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. Many people saw this as the ultimate diss considering she and Katy Perry are best friends, but Rihanna has cleared up her remarks.

All across the airwaves,  media outlets reported long standing children’s’ show, “Sesame Street” was pulling the skit of singer Katy Perry and Elmo’s remix of “Hot and Cold” off their season premiere episode due to excessive comments from parents complaining about too much cleavage from the “I Kissed A Girl” star. What appeared to be […]