Proof that Keyshia Cole is real pregnant you have to click on the video and check it out for your self.<!--more-->

Is <strong>Keyshia Cole</strong> pregnant? Maybe this was already confirmed and I missed it, but I will tell you the story anyway!<!--more-->

As we previously reported, <strong>Jay-Z</strong> let it slip in a recent interview that he and wife <strong>Beyonce</strong> are trying to conceive a child. Now comes word that the R&B superstar may be <strong>pregnant</strong>.<!--more-->

I just learned that a short time ago, rapper <strong>Lil Wayne’s</strong> newest baby's mother <strong>Nivea</strong> went into <strong>labor</strong>. <!--more-->

An <strong>11 year old girl</strong> gave birth to a baby, making her the <strong>youngest mother in the world</strong>. Find out why the father of her child is going to jail (like he should).<!--more-->

Earlier this week the city of Atlanta was up in arms thinking that Keyshia Cole was Pregnant. But her manager Manny Halley confirmed that SHE IS NOT PREGNANT! <!--more-->