Yesterday, as I was walking back from the train station after a long day at work, I ran into someone I knew on the way home. After we exchanged greetings and we proceeded to chat, it quickly became hard to hold a conversation as we both seemed lost in our own worlds. We had both […]

The soulful songstress with the charming smile and curvaceous silhouette better known as Jill Scott is officially on the market and dating! Scott, who recently dropped 50 pounds, admits to taking her time in the love department after things didn’t work out with her son’s father. She recently tweeted, “Dating a few gentleman. Having a […]

You love dating married men because you are stupid. You think that he actually cares about you. You think that you are special. That you are unique. Even worst, you think that he is special, that he is unique. Oh wait, what’s even more special and unique then that is that you think that you […]

Every woman has that “Waiting To Exhale” moment where they undergo a hellafied break-up with their significant other and in order to get back to your old self again, sometimes you have to make a few changes. Now not every woman has to make these changes but it will certainly give you that certain “oomph” […]

Pornography. Something like a hot topic these days. I was recently perusing through the Yahoo! Love + Sex blog and I found an ongoing dialogue about the place pornography should have in a relationship. A few questions came up. Should a woman be offended if her man watches porn after sex? Should a woman be […]

When you start dating someone new, there are few words that can express those first passionate kisses, playful touches and glances, and feelings of pure lust. But what if your someone new is, in fact, someone old; a repeat offender, if you will? When you choose to do a re-do with an ex, the complications […]

I received three emails from three different women from three different places around the country on one day last week. All of the emails were concerning the same relationship topic: “Dear Steven, can I be celibate and still be in a relationship?” I have been avoiding this celibacy question for a couple of years now […]

Closure, that unpopular C-word that leaves otherwise sane people feeling stuck. Moving on from what was once an important piece of your life can be a difficult or painful thing to do. Without proper closure there may be sleepless nights, worrying and those awful “what if” questions pondering through your thoughts… not a great feeling […]

We all want to think positive. No one wants to be that person that people run away from. We all want to love lives that can be reflective of what we wish to do in our lives. Joy, happiness, and forward thinking should be your mantra. If we are creatures of a loving God why […]

Couples Alert!- Have you ever heard of the term the “7 year itch”? A recent UK study conducted for Warner Bros to promote the film, “Hall Pass” in UK theaters discovered couples tolerance for one another has decreased from 7 years  to 36 months.

Recently, our sister website TheUrbanDaily, wrote about five things women should stop doing. So I figured I'd even the odds and do one on me.

Despite pulling out of the U.S. Open tournament due to an injured right foot and ending her two-year relationship with rapper and actor Common in April, Serena Williams is in the market for Mr. Right.