Usher talks about playing the role of Sugar Ray Leonard in the new film “Hands Of Stone,” and Gary asks whether he really was catching punches in the face for the movie. Usher also talks about his new album, “Hard II Love” ( originally called “Flawed”). Its lead single, “No Limit,” is a favorite among […]

Usher talks about playing Sugar Ray Leonard in the new film “Hands Of Stone,” why the people behind the film approached him with the script, and the steps he took before making the final decision to accept the role, which he then went on to spend about a year preparing for. He explains why he […]

  Reg E. Cathey is one of Hollywood’s unsung heroes.  With a career spanning three decades, the gravelly voiced thespian has worked with directing luminaries…

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Usher was so committed to his new role as legendary boxer Sugar Ray Leonard that he dropped 30 pounds! Newly-released photos from the set of…

Usher will star as boxing legend, Sugar Ray Leonard in the upcoming film, “Hands of Stone.” The movie will also star Robert DeNiro as Sugar Ray’s boxing coach. Crooner Usher Raymond is all set to play boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard in a forthcoming biopic about the life of Panamanian champion fighter Roberto Durán. The […]

Did you know that Sugar Ray Leornard played a role in the movie Real Steel? No, he wasn’t a character in the film, but he assisted Hugh Jackman in fighting for the film. Watch Sugar Ray work in this “Coming Attractions” clip from TV One and TheUrbanDaily.